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Hi, I'm Glenna. I think we're all on this site because we enjoy reading. I'm very into YA, dystopian, paranormal, fantasy and most recently, fairy-tale adaptions. I get attached to fictional characters and pretty covers.

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Reboot - Amy Tintera

I care about this book SO much. It's been a little while since I've REALLY liked a female protagonist. Wren is such a badass (like, the actual baddest ass in Texas) and she doesn't expect anyone to help or save her, she does that herself. She was a pretty serious character, although she could be pretty humorous at times. I just genuinely liked everything about her. For some reason the fact that she didn't smile much... was a little endearing?

CALLUM THOUGH. Oh my god, I'm in love. He was so sweet and cute throughout the whole book. These have to be some of the best characters I've read in a LONG time. The writing style was great- nice and fast-paced- and I'm very excited to read the next book, Rebel!